Meeting the needs of
Small Business, Groups & Individuals

Property & Casualty | Life & Health

Meeting the needs of Small Business, Groups & Individuals

Property & Casualty | Life & Health
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We feel that brokers in today’s complex and constantly changing environment need more than simply proposals and service.

We understand that you are expected to sometimes be a lawyer, accountant and human resources department all at once, and we’ve expanded our portfolio of services to include things to help you wear all those hats.

Bryon Daily,
Principal Agent/Broker
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We’re Building A Reputation!

Beard|Daily is building the ultimate benefits solution by connecting disparate systems across the benefits supply chain to deliver a complete experience for employees, employers, and partners.

Our technology, benefits plans, and service model are designed—first and foremost—with the employee in mind. We simply believe that every employee deserves great benefits. Let us show you how we can help your employees today.

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  • Portfolio Optimization
    Deciding what your benefits portfolio should look like each year in order to attract and keep top talent makes all the difference in competing in your market.
  • HR Compliance
    Stay ahead of compliance rules for large employers, mainly due to the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) penalty rules for applicable large employers.
  • Benefits Costs
    Employers who balance employee participation against employee fitness goals have the most success in containing both administrative and benefits costs.
  • BenAdmin Tools
    HR processes are compliance-driven and performing them manually is cumbersome, time-consuming, and arduous. Picking the right tools reduce costs and improve participation.
Think automation!

When time matters…
Benefits Admin Technology

Healthcare costs rise each year. The utilization of benefits administration technology is even more valuable than ever before. Beard|Daily guides employers to technology solutions that best match their unique needs.

Tech Startups, Franchises, Mom & Pops & Established Enterprises

What do they have in common? They’re all looking to attract, develop and retain top talent. Our associates recommend and manage the implementation of appropriate best practices that are customized to support your needs by utilizing the technology that fits best, while remaining scalable and adaptable to change.